TRAFFIC lights put in place by Thames Water have angered one elderly villager in Liddington.

Work on the main highway leading into the village, Purley Road, was started on Monday.

The work has required a set of temporary lights which have been holding up HGVs and vehicles on the busy road.

The resident, whose house is placed next the lights, said lorries and other vehicles were keeping him up at night but there didn't appear to be engineers working while the lights were still in place.

"I'm 78 years old, I would like some peace when I go to bed," he said, "I need my beauty sleep."

The utility company said engineers often leave the site unattended while other procedures, such as water checks, take place.

A spokesperson for Thames Water said the work will be finished by next week. "We’re sorry for any disruption caused by our work to upgrade a pipe in the area as part of our plans to create a more resilient network.

"The temporary traffic lights are in place so the work can be carried out safely and we aim to be finished by Monday.”