TWO statues which commemorate soldiers killed in the First World War will have a permanent home in Highworth.

Town councillors bought a There But Not There 'Tommy' statue before last year's Remembrance Day events, and crowdfunding from residents paid for a second one.

Both appeared on the Podium on November 11 but there was uncertainty over their long-term location.

Councillors decided that the Tommy they paid for should stay bolted into its specially-made concrete base on the Podium, though a few concerns were raised about whether the weather would damage it, so they will review their decision in a year's time.

They then made suggestions about where the second should go to ex-RAF serviceman Rod Benson and fellow veteran Gerry Evans, who initiated its crowdfunding campaign.

The pair thought that putting it on the Podium would be nicely symmetrical, though the library and churchyard were also considered.