SWINDON MPs say their colleagues should back the prime minister's deal rather than accepting a no-deal Brexit.

This follows Wednesday’s chaotic scenes around an amendment passed by 308 votes to 297.

Should she be defeated on Tuesday, it compels Theresa May to present MPs with a new Brexit plan within three days.

MP for North Swindon Justin Tomlinson is backing the May deal.

He said: “I will be supporting the PM’s deal. It delivers on the referendum, takes back control of money, borders and laws. The deal protects jobs and security, certainty for businesses and families.

“The PM can only do what parliament will let her. She is not a president, and the majority of MPs including every Labour, Liberal, Green and SNP MP has voted against every stage of the Brexit Bill, using every possible tactic with sneaky, underhand, disingenuous amendments to frustrate, delay or simply scrap Brexit.

“These out-of-touch MPs need to spend time in their constituency, outside the Westminster bubble and understand the public and business rightly want us to get on with the job, delivering Brexit in an orderly, sensible and pragmatic manner."

If the Conservatives were to lose the vote on Tuesday the prime minister would come back to the House of Commons and set out her plans well before the 21-day time limit set out in the Withdrawal Act.

Mr Tomlinson added: “If we lose the vote on Tuesday, the PM must continue to push forwards.

“Work is ongoing with European leaders to show further clarification on the backstop is possible, making sure the Northern Ireland has a strong role and voice in the backstop process and a commitment to further enhance rights and environmental protection.

“With this further certainty, hopefully common sense will prevail and Parliament will finally deliver.”

Robert Buckland MP for Swindon South, who campaigned against leaving the European Union, agrees that a deal is the best outcome. He is urging people to back the deal.

He said: “We want to be involved every step of the way, with the government asserting its authority and that is why we are where we are at now.

“It doesn’t change the scenario as dramatically as you think it does.

"We need to see a shape of votes and what emerges from this, Tuesday night will tell us more.”

“I thought it wouldn’t be easy to disentangle from the EU, I don’t believe the leave campaigners envisioned being on a cliff edge with the decision.

He added: “But we need to back a deal and get certainty for our lives and businesses.”