A scheme to knock down farm buildings, to build eight houses and convert other farm buildings into small industrial units in a small village to the north of Swindon have been given the go ahead despite significant local opposition.

Lower Burytown Farms was given permission for its redevelopment of the farm site on Queens Road, just the the west of the centre of Hannington, which is near Highworth.

It will knock down the modern farm buildings on the site and construct eight houses to the west of the site. On the eastern half of the site, barns will either be convrted or new buildings constructed for employment use.

The developers were at pains to point out that the traditional barn fronting along Queen's Road would be retained in the scheme: "A driving force behind the layout has always been to retain the traditional barn to the Queens Road frontage. The L-shape form of this linear building will be preserved and this maintains the sense of enclosure that will be reinforced by the new commercial structure along the eastern boundary."

Sixteen letters of objection had been sent to planners at Swindon Borough Council, and one in support before permission was granted.