An empty industrial site in Dorcan could soon be home to scores, perhaps hundreds of portable lavatories.

Specialist company Portable toilets Ltd have been granted planning permission to use the site off Faraday Road in the Dorcan industrial este as a storage facelift for its loos.

It will also construct a portable office for staff employed at the site.

The company intends to buy the site now it has planning permission.

It's application to planners said: "It is proposed that containers will be stacked to a maximum of 3 high (7.5m high) and supervised by staff

who will occupy a single container office and welfare building in the eastern part of the site.

"The business is effectively seasonal so vehicle activity, comprising HGVs with 4 containers each, arrive at the site during April to September. Movements will be limited to 10-12 a day during peak time and between September and April there will be very little traffic."