NOT even the finest champagne would make North Wiltshire MP James Gray reconsider his stance on Brexit.

In a letter to constituents Mr Gray, who campaigned for the UK’s exit from the European Union, said he had joked with a BBC reporter that he would make up his mind on Brexit depending on the quality of the champagne and canapes on offer at a Downing Street reception.

But the bubbly joke fell flat, with outraged constituents emailing him and urging the MP to take the subject more seriously.

He told constituents in his regular newsletter: “What I meant, of course, was that my views are so clear and so clearly expressed to my constituents and others, that not the finest vintage champagne in the land could possibly make me alter my views.”

However, Mr Gray revealed he might lend the prime minister his support if she were able convince the EU to renegotiate their Brexit deal and ditch the Northern Ireland backstop, which would see the country remain part of the EU customs union to guarantee easier trade with the Republic of Ireland.

On Tuesday, MPs will vote on the prime minister’s Brexit deal. Swindon MPs Robert Buckland and Justin Tomlinson have backed Theresa May.

Reflecting on a busy week in Westminster, which saw the prime minister lose a key vote that could make it harder for the UK to leave the EU without a deal, Mr Gray said: "It’s been a week of Parliamentary shenanigans of one sort or another, and I am sure that will continue up to the meaningful vote on Tuesday.

"Assuming that she goes ahead with it, and nothing is certain in this fast-moving world, then she will without doubt lose."