AN RAF veteran whose house and car were daubed with offensive graffiti is being supported by PCSOs, Swindon police said.

The Advertiser reported last week that 81-year-old John Hooper had returned from a dog walk to find a lewd word painted on his car bonnet and a slur calling him a paedophile scrawled on his wall.

He was unable to scrub the graffiti from his car bonnet before he had to drive a friend to a hospital appointment later that morning.

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He said: “I drove to the hospital with that horrible word on my car, people stared and gestured when I stopped to let a lady cross the street, it was so embarrassing.”

Swindon North Police posted on Facebook: “Local PCSOs have been supporting this man following the incident at his address on January 7, offering reassurance regularly and increased patrols.

“While this incident may have been a case of mistaken identity, it has understandably caused upset and distress to an RAF veteran living within our community. Anyone with information on the incident, should call 101.”