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Solar power’s the way we need to go...

DO we all fully understand that within the very near future – maybe not within our lifetimes but our grandchildren’s children’s which in terms of time is not that far away – the only options the human race will have is either solar power, wind farms or nuclear reactors stuck in your back yard.

Once oil and the remaining fossil fuels are expended, what will the future generations need to survive?

I really don’t think they will return to being hunter/gatherers living in a cave collecting wood to

rub together or wait for a lucky lighting strike to catch the fire.

No they will take the solar power option and if that needs solar farms of the size going up in fields

between Swindon and Highworth and needs 250 acres to generate the power needed to survive, then build it.

If each solar farm stops 25,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from going into the atmosphere, that’s

got to be a good thing hasn’t it?

If every town and city in the country had their own solar farms or wind farms, imagine the quality

of the air you could breathe.

The majority’s needs are greater than the minority. Build them I say, build them if anyone thinks them ugly or doesn’t want to see them from their houses.

Well you could always move maybe into a cave and rub two bits of wood together I’ll stick with the

solar power.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick,Swindon

Hair style? It looks more like a shoe brush!

I have written in before about the strange male hairstyles that I have seen, especially the ones that are shaven on each side, leaving a patch of hair on the top which gives a look like a ‘long or short handled shoe brush’, depending upon your height!

We now have a male hairstyle coming into fashion that looks like one has got out of bed, massaged the hair in an attempt to get rid of the ‘wildlife’ that has ventured in during the night.

And now one looking like one has ‘been pulled through the hedge backwards’!

Even the speaker in the House of Commons John Bercow has joined the ‘trend’!

Unless he has ruffled his hair in despair over ‘Brexit’! I see males in nice suits, looking well turned out

but, with a hairstyle that needs extra work! What next!

Bald men wearing polo-necked sweaters looking like a ‘roll-on deodorant’!

I suppose, because I have lost most of my hair, I am jealous!

When my hair started to fall out, I asked the barber how I could keep it? He gave me a paper bag!

Even buying a book on hair loss was unreadable as the pages kept falling out!

Still it makes life interesting, remembering my ‘Tony Curtis’ hairstyle in 1960!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Wishful thinking?

RE “Warms the cockles” (Adver, Mark and Martin Webb, Jan 8).

Why don’t the Webb brothers show some backbone and name “the people who write to the Letters page who insult and snipe at the Muslim community” quoting date and author of the letter(s) instead of vague and snide mutterings?

If they fail to then, as I suspect, it’s wishful thinking.

That the Muslim community raised £2,000 (not a lot when you consider the size of the local

Muslim community) for a ‘good cause’ and got published in the Adver illustrates how rare such an

occasion is.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

Not worth the money

I agree with Gerry Taylor, over the TV licence for the over 75s. I do not need to pay as I was 75 last year. I have paid for my TV licence over 50 years to be able to view my TV. My late aunt who was blind lived to be 100 and never paid any licence fee although her younger sister lived with her who could see.

I have never seen a football game and I do not know who Gary Lineker is and should anyone be paid that much money to talk about sport? Is this why the BBC is reconsidering the over 75s non-payment? Is this to keep these people ‘entertaining’ us?

AS Mr Taylor states, for a lot of people over 75 all they have is their TV for company. The BBC had poor viewing figures over Christmas as so much was repeated over and over again.

Janet Woodham, Scotby Avenue, Swindon

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