CHILDREN at a Swindon school are using ancient history to help create modern news - with a little help from their local newspaper.

The centre of attention at Goddard Park Primary School was a fossil, which has been in the school’s possession for many years.

The Park North school has used this to create a mock scenario about a teacher unearthing an ancient fossil found on school grounds. This will then be used to create a newspaper story.

A part of the school has even been cordoned off with tape to create an authentic environment.

The youngsters will use this information to write their own articles, with the idea being that they will share the news with the local community – and help turn them into young reporters.

Swindon Advertiser reporter Reece Chaplin spoke to a class of 90 children, telling them how to write headlines, introductions, captions, and how to find a story.

Lucinda Dolphin, a year three teacher whose class is taking part in the creative assignment, said: “We chose to do the assignment on a fossil because our inquiry this term is about what is underneath our feet and we felt this linked in really well with what we are doing with science and geography, as well as writing.

“The children have loved doing this because they have found it really interesting, they are very excited that a fossil has been found on school grounds and it has made them want to let everyone know and share this piece of news through the means of a newspaper.”

Lucinda added: “Having someone from the Adver come in to help them is brilliant, it shows the kids that there is a purpose to write the article rather than doing it for no reason.”

Enthusiastic eight-year-old Lewis Langford enjoyed the masterclass with the Adver. He said: “I was very shocked to discover a fossil had been found at school.

“I think it’s an ammonite which is like a crab for dinosaurs and it’s twice the size as a normal crab.”

There has been debate among the children as to what animal they think the fossil is, with many thinking it’s a type of snake or sea creature.

Throughout the month lessons will be taught on how rocks are formed, the earth’s core, volcanoes and earthquakes and how fossils are formed from this as part of the curriculum activity.

They will then write a newspaper story based on their findings.