The Wanborough group thinks the science park could be built somewhere better suited.

A spokesman for the group said: "Wasdell only require the warehousing and distribution facility (Phase 1 in this hybrid application) for the consolidation of their sites in Swindon and Burnley. The second phase being submitted for outline planning is a speculative proposal. Wasdell could easily develop a “consolidation site” on employment land sited in the local plan or on any number of brown field sites available in Swindon.

"Swindon has a thriving economy; with several major UK and international companies having their head office or major operations in the borough, and a low unemployment rate. The employment site at Badbury Park was marketed for over 5 years (unsuccessfully) and due to lack of interest it is now going to become a 300 home site.

Regarding the phase 2 for the site - if there was no demand for these facilities at Badbury Park or at Symmetry Park and 50 per cent of Cheney Manor has been demolished, then where are the “entrepreneurs” waiting to take residence of this speculative development?"

A spokesperson for Wasdell Properties said: “It’s a misconception that we need “a warehouse” - we need specialist, purpose-built space for the ultra-clean, high-tech processes required in the handling of pharmaceutical products.

“We have commissioned an exhaustive independent search for suitable sites, but there is a lack of employment land available in the borough. Inlands Farm is the only available site of the size and nature we need to service the additional, long-term contracts we’ve have won and expand our local workforce at all skills levels in Swindon from around 650 to more than 1200.”