FAKE £50 notes have been spotted circulating residents in Royal Wootton Bassett.

The area's community police support team put out a warning to say there had been a number of reports of false tender in the last two weeks.

One resident reported a man trying to use a false £50 note at the Co-op.

Anne Reed responded saying: "We had a young lad of roughly 12 years of age and a strong Irish accent try to use one the other day in Iceland, fortunately I recognised it wasn’t real. The fakes are really good though"

A police spokesperson said: "Please can we urge all business and its employees to be on the lookout.

"Please use magic money pens and the UV machines if you have them."

The Bank of England puts out official guidance on how to spot fake notes on its website. It recommends checking to make sure the water mark is bright and to check the image flips from the £ sign to 50 inside the green dotted line.

For more information go to www.bankofengland.co.uk