DRIVERS at Stagecoach have celebrated the company’s 25th birthday in style with a carefully choreographed stunt captured on film by a drone.

Staff at the depot in Swindon went over their bosses’s heads to manoeuvre 10 buses spelling out the company’s birthday for a drone flying above.

Bill McCartney, Stagecoach West depot transport manager, said: “This was a bit of fun – and a challenge for the drivers and the drone pilot to get the buses in position and perfectly lined up in what were difficult weather conditions,” he said.

“It was quite time consuming, more so than we thought.

“The weather wasn’t the best and we only had a five-minute window for the drone to capture the image, so we were fortunate that we got it spot on the first try and did not need to manoeuvre the buses all over again.

“The team of four from the depot did a great job. Their organisation was spot on to ensure the process went smoothly on the day.”

Managing director Rupert Cox said: “It has been an exciting 25 years for our company and during that time we have seen Stagecoach West grow.

“Our staff are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we provide them with greater levels of training so we can give our customers the standard of service they have a right to expect.”