VOLUNTEERS could become police constables within three weeks.

Wiltshire Police is advertising the intensive crammer course to prospective special constables.

It is the first time the force has advertised the fast-track scheme. Run Monday to Friday over three weeks from July 15, the course will see would-be police officers spend time in the classroom, in the gym and taking e-learning modules before having to pass a final exam.

“It enables special constables to be ready to join community policing teams on accompanied patrol in just three weeks,” Wiltshire Police said.

The constables’ second phase of training would take around nine months and involve classroom training and web seminars.

Special constable Daniel Lewis finished his training in November last year. On his first day on the job SPC Lewis was called to a crash.

“As I was fresh out of phase one training my knowledge of traffic was limited so I was asking lots of questions as we blue lighted it to scene. The nerves set in as we had been told over radio it was a potential four car RTC along a fast road. I didn’t know what to expect.

“I was excited to put my training into practice and work closely with other emergency services including fire, ambulance and air ambulance paramedics. To be part of a team offering support to those members of the public involved was brilliant, and the seamless communication between all the services was incredible to see.

“The best part of the day was my team. They truly made me feel welcome, like I was just another officer within their team, rather than a volunteer special constable.”

The closing date to register to become a special constable is Sunday, January 27.

For more information and to apply, visit: specials.wiltshire.police.uk.