POOR parking delayed firefighters as they raced to a 999 call.

The fire service was called at 11.50pm on Thursday night to reports of smoke and alarms sounding at Arthur Bennett Court on Birch Street, Kingshill.

Two crews from Swindon's Drove Road fire station were sent to the suspected fire, but were delayed by poor parking in the area. The fire service picked out parking on Dean Street as particularly bad, with a number of cars left in a way that narrowed the road significantly.

Glyn Moody, group manager for DWFRS, said: “Poor or inconsiderate parking can delay us during an emergency call and, the case of a rapidly developing fire, every second counts. Fortunately, on this occasion, it was a false alarm but the tight access between parked cars did delay our arrival on scene.”

The fire service asked drivers to park cars as close to the kerb as possible, pull in their wing mirrors and make sure their wheels are straight and not stuck into the road.