A SWINDON Labour group has pushed for Parliament to hold a People’s Vote if the government cannot resolve its Brexit plans deadlock.

South Swindon Labour passed an amended motion which resolved to ensure that a customs union is the minimum relationship that Labour would accept with the EU, as the party fears that a no-deal Brexit would be damaging to Swindon.

The local party also called for an extension to Article 50 in a bid to ensure that a no-deal Brexit wouldn't happen by default when the UK leaves the EU on March 29

The motion also reiterated the party's position that, if a general election isn't secured, all options are on the table - including a second vote or remaining n the EU with a reformed and improved relationship.

Support for a Citizen's Assembly as a possible alternative to a People's Vote to break the Parliament deadlock was also agreed.

These resolutions will now be passed to the National Executive Committee to make the national Labour Party's leadership aware of the motion.