A MOTORCYCLIST was arrested for theft after officers went out on patrol over the weekend.

Swindon North Community Policing Team 4 carried out some proactive work in the Pinehurst area on Saturday night.

Just after 1am on Sunday morning, PC Carter and PC Ivett intercepted a stolen motorbike and arrested the rider for theft.

The officers carried out some further enquiries which led them to an address and another stolen motorcycle from a burglary was recovered in the rear garden.

When the team entered the property, they found another suspect, who was wanted for numerous shoplifting offences and was also outstanding on warrant.

A spokesman for the policing teams said: "Excellent result by all the officers involved, showing that the targeted patrols in the area are getting the desired results."

Motorbike theft is a growing concern for residents in Swindon.

In October, members of the community watch group Swindon Bikers said that these thefts were now a daily occurrence.

They also claimed that owners had been set upon by gangs and had their bikes taken from under them, and documented several incidents of bikes being stolen during garage break-ins

Victims of motorcycle theft should report it to the police by calling 101.