A MAN from Stratton appeared in court after being charged with robbery and possession of a firearm.

James Gowland, 31, of Twickenham Close was arrested and remanded in custody after an incident at the Ermin Foods and Wine shop in Ermin Street on Sunday morning.

Neighbours who live near the shop were surprised to see six police cars surrounding its entrance at around 10am.

The police had been called by staff inside the shop, who reported a robbery.

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Mr Gowland appeared at Swindon Magistrates Court yesterday morning for his case to be processed.

The offences with which he is charged are indictable-only, a term used for the most serious crimes which magistrates courts do not have strong enough powers to deal with.

The case was adjourned until his next trial date and Mr Gowland will be remain in custody until then.

He will make a plea of guilt or innocence when he appears in Swindon Crown Court on February 22 at 10am.