Motorists trying to negotiate the Transfer Bridge Roundabout could be seeing electronic, changing adverts, instead of traditional posters.

Specialist hoarding company Primesight, based in London, has applied for permission to replace the existing advertising billboard facing Station Road with an electronic screen.

The new screen would be the same size as the 48-sheet billboard already in use according to the company’s application to planners at Swindon Borough Council.

The company says moving images won’t be used: “The use of digital LED displays in place of more traditional paper or stretched vinyl formats is increasingly commonplace in the advertising industry. Unlike their predecessors, digital displays allow for poster images to be changed remotely which improves efficiency and drastically reduces the amount of site visits and physical waste. The new display would continue to display static, poster-like, images only.

“Each poster would be displayed for at least 10 seconds, in a similar way to traditional scrolling vinyl poster displays. There would be no video or animation used.”

It adds that there will be a gap between each 10 second-long static image of one second, with no effects (such as wipe, or fade) for the transition, and no advertising will be allowed that resembles road signals.