We didn't mean that kind of trail, Councillor.

When leader of Swindon Borough Council David Renard was in London he came across a couple of enormous slug sculptures.

The giant molluscs are outside the Tate Britain gallery in Pimlico on the banks of the Thames.

Coun Renard must have been reminded of the plan put forward by councillors Claire Ellis and Jim Robbins, and enthusiastically taken up by the council, to look into a sculpture trail in Swindon.

He tweeted the two councillors: "Given the debate on a statue trail around Swindon, the Tate has its own version of a statue trail."

Coun Robbins responded that it was "an impressive snail" momentarily mixing up slugs and snails. (But not, we think, puppy dog tails).

The Adver says: Impressive they are, but think of the slime - that's definitely not the sort of sculpture we want to embody Swindon.

A number of ideas have been put forward for what sort of sculpture should be created for the trail.

Pigs, representing Swindon's possible original name of 'swine dun' or 'pig hill' is one. Mayor Junab Ali likes the idea of a swan, which is already on the borough crest, representing the Thames river, and many people think the town's industrial heritage and growth should see locomotives dotted around town.

What do you think?