When four new parish councils were created in Swindon,in 2016, to carry out duties the borough could no longer do, the new councils, West, North and South Swindon, and St Andrew's all contracted with the borough council for grounds maintenance and street-cleaning services.

Between them, the four parishes paid Euclid Street £2.082million for those services last year.

A report to the borough council's audit committee has reviewed how the contracting has worked over the last year and raised some issues.

One is health and safety. The report says: "Concerns were raised by officers about the council's liability for health and safety non-compliance by parishes. Officers and unclear and nervous about their exposure to claims following breaches in health and safety by parish councils.

The report add that assets transferred to parishes under 99 year leases, including recreation parks, community centres and libraries give full responsibility to the parish, removing risk from the borough council.

There is also debate who is responsible for dealing with dog mess. The agreement between councils says the parishes are responsible "but a parish has disputed this does not include the repair of dog waste bins.The council is paying for repairs on behalf of the parishes for which it does not have a budget."

The borough's audit committee meets at 6pm on Tuesday February 5 at Euclid Street.