HUNDREDS of business people have signed up to be ambassadors for Swindon and now councillors want them to go out and tell other about the town.

Councillors on Swindon Borough Council’s growing the economy scrutiny committee were told by the cabinet member for economic development, Coun Oliver Donachie that the 600-strong network of ambassadors for the council’s Switch on to Swindon scheme is one of the biggest in the country.

Coun Donachie added: “We have reorganised the board of the projects, so that I, as a councillor am not leading it. I can say Swindon is a brilliant place to do business - but then I would, I’m a politician. This is a network of real business people and we want them to lead it, and be able to speak to other businesses.”

Coun Donachie added that the council was providing administrative support to the group and that "the council doesn’t pay a penny to any of the board or the ambassadors - this is all being done on a voluntary basis.”

The committee members thanked the ambassadors who had signed up, but told the cabinet member the network should now broaden its horizons.

Coun Roger Smith said: “I am one of the ambassadors and I haven’t heard from Switch on to Swindon for a while.The events I attended seemed to be mainly people from Swindon themselves, talking to each other about how great Swindon is.”

Coun Donachie accepted the observation and said: “That was necessary to set the group up, to get their trust and buy-in. We’re now moving to the next phase of the project.”

Chaiman Emma Faramarzi added: “We need the ambassadors to go out now and get new customers if you like- but I want to repeat how grateful we are to them.”