Wiltshire Police may have plans to manage the possible effects of Brexit – but they won’t tell you - or us.

Because that information could be used by criminals and terrorists.

A Freedom of Information request was put to the county force by the Adver asking: “Please make available Wiltshire Police’s planning for when the UK leaves the EU- particularly the state of planning in case of economic disruption or social unrest if the impact of Brexit, particularly a ‘no deal’ Brexit leads to adverse conditions such as food or medicine shortages.”

The six-page response from the force includes: “To confirm or deny whether information is or isn’t held in respect of contingency and emergency planning would reveal; which forces have plans in place, and which do not.

“This knowledge would enables and criminals to map force areas which are ‘vulnerable’, rendering them easy targets.”

The answer includes the information that the UK-wide threat assessment is severe, meaning a terrorist attack is highly likely and adds: “the health and safety of the community at large would be compromised by highlighting where there are no plans”.

While it says knowing whether Wiltshire police had plans in place would “improve public debate” the response adds that other organisations such as MI5 are also involved in fighting terrorism and releasing the information requested would “harm the close relationship that exists within such organisations” and would “render national security measures less effective.”

It could also “lead to the loss of public confidence in Wiltshire Police’s ability to protect the wellbeing of the community.”

Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29. Currently Parliament has not agreed to a withdrawal agreement negotiated between the government and the EU.