PASSENGERS were taken aback at how smoothly Great Western Railway trains managed in the snow yesterday.

Despite heavy overnight snow across the South West and yellow and amber weather warnings the expected chaos on the trains didn't materialise.

Some even experienced a better service than usual.

Leslie Kings wrote on Twitter: "Well done to GWR staff for running trains through to the West Country despite the snow conditions. I have seen the first Intercity Express Train through the snow for the first time."

Marc R added: "Despite the snow, first time in four years a @GWRHelp train is on time...and the GWR train in front breaks down. Two hours to go [and] 200 meters."

Lauren Curr wrote: "How come GWR don’t know how to run a service any normal day but manage to be totally normal and on time on a snow day?[It] makes no sense."

Another added: "An inch of snow - everything has shut down...apart from the trains! Big up the trains!@GWRhelp.

A spokesman for Great Western Railway explained that Network Rail runs railhead treatment trains which effectively acts like a de-icer and prevents the tracks and signal points from seizing up.

He added: "We had a very small number of cancellations in the London area in the morning, because staff were unable to get to work to operate services, but this would equate to about 1 per cent of all the services we operate.

"We also bring more staff into work at stations to help clear the platforms, or move them from other station duties to keep the stations operational and safe – so they are regularly cleared and salted."

There were delays later on in the evening and at Westbury Station after a train broke down.