When it comes to musicals, few have such a prestigious pedigree as Fame. Since the original film, the belter of a show has been a favourite with professional and amateur outlets the world over.

With such a catchy soundtrack and evergreen premise, it is easy to see why it has remained so popular. And this new touring production certainly does the hit musical justice.

Based in New York City’s High School of Performing Arts, Fame follows the trials and tribulations of a ragtag group of aspiring singers, dancers and actors, all of whom believe they have what it takes to succeed. Carmen craves instant fame, while Schlomo seeks to escape the long shadow of his virtuoso father.

Tyrone (Jamal Crawford) has buckets of charisma, but is functionally illiterate; Iris (Jorgie Porter) is an immaculate dancer, but inexperienced in matters of the heart. Each has their turn in the spotlight, with all shining equally bright.

This is theatre on steroids, with all cast members truly giving everything they have. Each is a triple-threat – singing, dancing and acting with aplomb; though a few stand above the rest.

Stephanie Rojas as cocksure Carmen displays a mighty set of lungs (surprisingly at odds with her diminutive stature), while Simon Anthony as Schlomo adds some welcome pathos to proceedings. Mica Paris too, is a revelation as Miss Sherman, with a blowaway final rendition of the insanely catchy title track.

Asides from a few technical hiccups here and there (mostly to do with errant lighting), this is theatre with a capital ‘T’, there to stand and be seen by fans of the show and newcomers alike.

You'll be humming the title track for days to come!  - Sean Cameron