A PRO-BREXIT march by 'yellow vest' protesters planned for Saturday in Swindon could clash with a counter demo.

A call-out for “Swindon patriots” has been shared over social media to meet at Swindon at 1.30pm at an undisclosed location.

A spokesperson for the Swindon Yellow Vests did not respond to the Adver.

But in a message shared to other organisers a message read: “Wiltshire will be holding its very first yellow vest protest on Saturday – exact location to be announced – with the primary objective to leave the EU on the March 29 on WTO rules.

“All Brexiteers from across the county are asked to attend to start piling the pressure to ensure we are delivered the Brexit we voted for. I urge you all to attend in a show of solidarity and strength.”

But the Swindon Solidarity Network is organising a counter demonstration, fearing the yellow vest protest could be a magnet for the far-right.

A spokesman said: “We will be joining with other local groups and concerned Swindonians to counter the far-right ‘yellow vests’ protest this Saturday.

“While the yellow vests seek to portray themselves as ‘pro-Brexit’, the reality is that this is a smokescreen for a raft of far-right rhetoric and fringe conspiracy theories.

“James Goddard, leader of the UK yellow vests was recently arrested in connection with a well-publicised campaign of abuse and harassment against MPs.

“Thankfully, similar protests in other towns have generally been tiny in number and easily outnumbered by counter-protestors.

"They are clearly an unrepresentative group, however, it’s still important to oppose them and show that their politics of hate and division are not welcome in Swindon or elsewhere.

“We are opposing the sinister far-right motives behind a group who have tried to hijack both the Brexit debate and the French yellow vest movement to peruse their own racist, conspiracy-laden agenda.”

Swindon Borough Council said it was aware of the protest and added organisers had not sought permission from the council but it was not expecting any issues to arise.

Wiltshire Police has warned against groups trying to cause trouble and said it will keep tabs on the situation to prevent outbreaks of violence on the day.

A spokeswoman added: “We are aware of the planned protests in Swindon this Saturday and are monitoring the situation in case a police presence is required.”