JUICE bar boss Kris Talikowski said he was now looking at a scheme to prove the health benefits of the juicing programme.

“Since the decision my new goal is to show, through some trials in partnership with GP practises in Swindon, that we can help a test group reverse their Type 2 diabetes and tackle other major conditions such as obesity, with a free three month vegetable juice and raw food programme,” he said.

“The cost to the NHS of providing support for people who suffer with these conditions is growing, so if we can help and show it works, we will.

“It will be a combined approach from not only providing a free programme for a month, but then training those people up to carry on with our guidance and coaching for the following two months.

“They’ll be undergoing medical testing before, during and after to show any changes to their body’s key metrics. The programmes are used by our customers to boost health, kick-start better eating but also to improve conditions that are influenced by improving their nutrition choices. We want to prove that our approach works, especially for key medical conditions.”

Evidence given during The Core's VAT tribunal appeared to demonstrate the health benefits of the fruit and veg juice programmes.

Old Town mum Sophie McGregor told the tribunal: “I use the programmes to boost my health when I don't have time to make smoothies at home".

Former cancer patient Emma McLaughlin, who had has three Core programme juices and smoothies and a meal with her husband every day for the last four years, added: “I haven’t seen the doctor in years, my skin is fantastic, I feel super healthy and I know this is down to my high intake of fruit and veg through The Core programme.”

Anyone interested in participating in the trial should email info@thecorejuicery.com.