OWNERS of a tapas bar in Old Town have said a no-deal Brexit could be disastrous for its Spanish supply lines.

Los Gatos, which first opened on Wood Street in 2006, before moving to Devizes Road in 2014, has become an institution for people in Old Town and much of Swindon.

Shareen Campbell, who co-owns the popular tapas restaurant, told the Adver Brexit was putting the future of the business in trouble.

"We are totally opposed to Brexit as a business and as individuals," she said. "If it wasn't for our membership of the EU we wouldn't have a tapas bar in Swindon.

"You can't make any plans, we don't know what will be on the menu, what the prices will be, who will be able to work for us. How can anybody run a business in these conditions?

"We rely most on imports from Spain because we pride ourselves on really good quality jamon and chorizo, stuff you can only get from Spain," she added.

She said that the restaurant will still be able to import many of the continental ingredients it uses but under World Trade Organisation tariffs, including 32 per cent on wine, will inevitably have an impact.

"We'll still be able to get them, eventually. But I'm sure they'll be a major hiccup, especially if there's no deal.

"We are going to see some significant prices rises," she said, "I'm also concerned about what that means for quality in the future.

"It could all come crashing down in six weeks time, or not it could not," she added, "what are we supposed to do?"

Theresa May returned to Brussels yesterday to attempt to get concessions on the withdrawal deal with negotiators in Brussels, in particular, the insurance policy to prevent border checks in Northern Ireland known as the Irish Backstop.

The slow pace of negotiations with less than 50 days to go has left businesses across the board in a state of paralysis.

"I'm absolutely furious at the incompetence at those elected to government," added Shareen. "They've been given too and a half years to carry out a promise and has totally failed to do it.

"At any other time they would have been forced out of office."