A HIGHWORTH councillor was kicked out of post in politics after being absent from meetings for several months.

Charles Adams decided not to show up to any town council meeting for six months and in doing so triggered the automatic termination of his position.

The council wrote a letter to ex-Coun Adams informing him of the termination and thanking him for his many years of hard work.

Mr Adams, who was unavailable for comment when the Adver contacted him, joined Highworth Town Council at the same time as his wife Pam in 1986.

She said: “It all started with a local issue when we lived in Eastrop.

“We would be woken at 2am by young men playing a football match in the car park and lighting it with their car headlights.

“We went to the town council and they felt very ineffective at the time and it seemed like nothing was going to be done, so that’s what drove us to join it.

“I was a teacher and very concerned about the town, and Charlie has always been a local man, and we both wanted to get things done.

“Some of the council’s biggest achievements during his time there was getting the sports hall and the library, though there have been plenty of smaller things too, like the new podium and new outdoor toilets.

“There are some things we haven’t achieved but that’s more about Swindon Borough Council - I probably shouldn’t say any more.”

Mr Adams’ role as councillor was almost continuous from the day he joined, apart from a four-year gap. He became mayor of Highworth for a year from 1990 to 1991.

His decision to leave local politics was apparently made long before his time on the council came to an end and was planned well in advance.

Pam added: “He felt disappointed with the effect he could have on the council.

“He had intended to stand down halfway through last year but didn’t want a by-election called because it would have cost the council £4,000 to hold

“Instead, he decided that he would attend council meetings long enough to delay it so that a by-election wouldn’t have to be called, and he expressed his intention to resign.”

No by-election will be held to replace Mr Adams because there would be little point, as elections for parish councillors on 19 wards will be held across the borough in May.

Coun Pam Adams is still part of Highworth Town Council. Charles works full-time as a mobile engineer.

A councillor leaving their position in Highworth Town Council through termination due to lack of meeting participation is quite rare - it has only happened once before within the last 20 years.