HOUSEHOLDERS who have their garden waste removed by the borough council have a month to renew their subscription.

They need to meet the March 10 deadline if they don’t want to miss the first collection.

The Swindon Borough Council service will run from April 1 to March 3, 2020 with a two-week interruption over Christmas.

Garden waste will be collected directly from houses at a cost of £50 for 25 fortnightly collections of a 240L green wheelie bin or council-supplied sacks.

For people using the bin, nothing will change. Those using green sacks, will receive a further supply of 100 sacks.

Once renewed, a sticker will be sent to their home to place it on the bin before April 1.

The waste, including grass cuttings, hedge trimmings and rabbit cage bedding, will be composted and turned into environmentally-friendly soil improver.

New subscribers will receive their bin or supply of bags delivered within ten working days of the payment being made.

For further information or to renew your subscription visit: