A WORKSHOP next month will help teachers at Royal Wootton Bassett Academy teach holocaust education.

The day-long training day called Unpacking the Holocaust, from the University College of London, will give teachers skills and training materials to help them cover the difficult subject to pupils.

The course will cover themes such as the history of European antisemitism, finding out about Jewish life, and the persecution and genocide of Jews in the 20th Century by the Nazis.

It will go into detail about the psychological and sociological explanations for the holocaust, in which an estimated six million Jews were killed, and the relevance of the persecution of minorities to global debates of migration and refugees today.

The academy has been pro-active is teaching its students and teachers about the holocaust through its Genocide and Human Rights Programme since 2009.

RWBA lead practitioner Miss Wetherall has been appointed to the subsequent UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation’s Educational advisory group.

It will host a two-day national conference for teachers across the country to enhance holocaust education next month, on March 8 and 9.