NEW ice cream made specially for Helen Browning's Chop House went down a treat at a blind taste test.

Rays Ice Cream used the restaurant's' organic milk and cream to make the bespoke chocolate and salted caramel flavours which were then put to the public to see if it was better than regular ice cream.

Hadi Brooks from Rays said: "I was really nervous before it started because even though I knew it was great ice cream, I didn't know what it would be up against. As people started trying it, I relaxed and the results were overwhelmingly in our favour, so I'm really pleased."

The ice cream is now on the Chop House menu, with vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, coffee, and vegan raspberry ripple flavours.

Manager Anne Roberts said: "It was a chance to work with a local business and use our own dairy which was too good to pass up. The cream gives it a nice flavour with no sickly sweet aftertaste.

"It was a nice event. Children - and a few adults! - enjoyed the colouring competition."