Guest speaker at the latest economic lunch was North Wiltshire MP James Gray who is still a firm Brexiteer.

With the Brexit debate coming fast down the line, the Conservative MP is still convinced that Britain will be better out of Europe, rather than having its business tied up by the continent.

Mr Gray was the guest speaker at the Swindon Chamber of Commerce economic forum lunch sponsored by Barclays.

Mr Gray said: “I remain confident for the future of the United Kingdom after Brexit because of the quality of business people who work in this country and especially in this county.

“The latest scare that Wiltshire businessman James Dyson was pulling up sticks and leaving the country because of Brexit was nothing more than scaremongering by people who don’t want us to leave Europe.

“Mr Dyson’s latest plans to move some of his employees had been organised some months ago.

“He will be keeping a large workforce here in the UK along with his research and development team which employs thousands of people here in Wiltshire.

“And remember Mr Dyson is a supporter of Brexit. He wants the UK to be shackle free of the rules and regulations of the European union which are currently in play.”

Mr Gray said that another scaremongering story put out by the Remain supporters was the latest one involving Honda where 500 employees were soon to leave the company.

“This was absolutely nothing to do with Brexit,” said Mr Gray.

“These jobs were not permanent ones with Honda. They were temporary contracts and planned by the company due to the downturn on diesel engines and the uncertainty of the motoring industry worldwide.

“Remember in the UK we have more people including women in work than ever before, more businesses starting up and succeeding and we are in good shape.”

The Swindon Chamber of Commerce economic lunch is sponsored by Barclays Bank and hosted by the Hilton Hotel three times a year.

Both the Swindon MPs Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland will be speaking at the next lunches in the summer.

Mr Gray was introduced by Trevor French, from Barclays Bank and Mr Gray was thanked by Les Durrant, the president of Swindon Chamber of Commerce.

That the Government delivers a business friendly Brexit has been named as the number one policy priority by Swindon Chamber Council and this was was fully endorsed and supported by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce group, the only accredited Chamber in the region, of which Swindon is a member.

The assembly of Chamber Presidents’ securing the right Brexit deal for the community was determined as crucial for the future of the town.

Around 30 leading business men and women attended the lunch and Mr Gray answered a series of questions.