Firms are lobbying for a business-friendly Brexit.

For the second year running, Swindon Chamber of Commerce Council and its members have put lobbying for a business-friendly Brexit as their number one policy priority for the local community.

The importance of continued engagement with business to make sure government is aware of their needs during the transitional period is crucial if the region wants to continue attracting and retaining international companies, says a spokesman.

Strengthening regional infrastructure networks, including the benefits of Western Rail Link to Heathrow; maintaining support for the expansion of Heathrow Airport; pushing for investment along the Great Western Line to help bring Swindon into the ‘golden hour’ of London; securing delivery of key local projects including the M4 J16a, A419 north of the town and extension of Thames Drive to connect with the town centre, as well as continuing discussions around improving the A420, were all cited as priorities for the region.

Les Durrant, President of Swindon Chamber Council said: “Over the last 12 months we have championed government to ensure that a business proof Brexit strategy is implemented across the board.

“Until a deal has been signed and agreed we will continue to push forward a pro-business agenda.

“Other priorities include initiatives that ensure Swindon town centre receives the appropriate financial resources and leadership needed to improve services.

“We have also been campaigning for a long-term growth strategy to secure the major infrastructure needed to maintain Swindon’s economic performance, particularly where this involves joint working between Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council to the west of the Borough.''

“After all, if we want to continue to be a popular inward investment destination for UK and foreign-owned companies then we must continually engage and promote the region as the best choice for business.”

Paul Britton, CEO of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce said: “Our objective is to work alongside the Chamber Council to ensure politicians, public policymakers and other key stakeholders understand what the business community consider important and what areas decision makers should be focusing on delivering.

“We are also inviting those partners to engage with business and the local Chamber Council to help shape, frame and deliver solutions that secure the economic prosperity of the local area and wider Thames Valley region.”