Stars Dance - Lisabel

Any music which wanders into your consciousness, reminding you of the amazing, voice-as-instrument creations of Karl Jenkins, is always going to get my immediate attention. But where as Jenkins' suites of music generally headed down a music meets classical pathway, Lisabel instead pops on her best frock and heads to a salubrious up-town jazz club.

Stars Dance is as deftly fashioned as it is gorgeous to listen to, neat jazz progressions and sumptuous vocals, restrained and subtle guitar lines, and an overall feeling of sophistication are the order of the day. It’s the sort of song that finds a common ground between the niche jazz set and the discerning pop fan, it is chilled, alluring, eloquent and elegant. And more than that, outside of the aforementioned Mr J, it sounds like nothing you have heard before from either of those two generic camps, or any other for that matter. - Dave Franklin