A CLASSIC Mini given a 21st century zero-emission makeover is available to the public for the first time.

Swindon Powertrain, based near Drakes Way, unveiled the first production electric classic Mini at the London Classic Car Show on Friday.

Engineers and technicians at the company designed a bespoke powertrain and battery to power the iconic Mini’s motor, combined with a fully-restored body.

The Swind E Classic Mini can go from 0 - 60 in 9.2 seconds, can be fully charged in four hours and has a range of 125 miles.

The company will do an initial production run of 100 cars, which are available to buy at £79,000.

“This is the first time an electrified classic Mini has entered production,” said Raphael Caillé, the company’s managing director.

“There have been one-offs and prototypes before, but Swind is the first company to launch such a car to the public

“Our business is nearly 50 years old and it’s background is in internal combustion engines. A few years ago we decided that if we want to stay relevant to theautomotive industry we had to embrace electrification.”

The car has been two years in the making to make it ready for a low-carbon city.

“It’s an iconic car with a cracking design. But it’s original powertrain has not aged very well,” added Raphael.

“As a city vehicle it still does plenty of good things but we thought if we made it with zero emissions and easier to use it would be potentially be a cracking concept.

“The classic Mini has such a special place in people’s hearts, not only in the UK but around the world. The packaging of Sir Alec Issigonis’ 1959 design was truly ground-breaking and now we are making it relevant again.

“Its compact size and good visibility, together with contemporary performance and handling, makes it a car you’ll want to drive in the city and put a smile on your face.”

“There is a future for these classic cars and they can be enjoyed for a long time to come.”

The company also manufactures and sells an electric bicycle with off the wall performance which is called the Swind EB-01 and retails at £15,000.