SHOPPERS at the Orbital centre in North Swindon will be fined if they park there for more than five hours.

To deter drivers from using the site as a long-stay car park, the site's ANPR system is up and running and is now enforcing a five-hour maximum stay with a penalty of £100 if this is breached. Similar penalties will be given for other offences like parking in disabled bays without a valid permit.

North Swindon Police notified residents of the new rule. Anyone with a legitimate reason to stay on site longer than five hours should tell the Orbital's office staff so that they can help to prevent a parking charge notice being issued.

Drivers who park longer than five hours will be issued a Parking Charge Notice. If they don't pay the fine, they could be summonsed to court for a breach of contract which was agreed to by entering the site. If a court decides that the driver clearly breached a contract then they will have to pay the fine and potentially court fees on top. People using the shopping centre correctly won't be affected by this parking rule change.