FAST and furious yob cyclists are putting older people off visiting the town centre, a councillor has argued.

The claim came as parish councillors discussed a court order meant to ban people from cycling, skateboarding, begging and street drinking in central Swindon.

Hundreds of people have been spoken to by council officers and police about their behaviour in the town centre since the public spaces protection order was brought in over three years ago. But nobody has been handed a £100 fine or been taken to court over repeat offending.

Now, one ward councillor has branded the cycling fast and furious, adding that the council’s failure to clamp down cyclists on Regent Street and Canal Walk was putting some people off visiting the area.

Quizzing Swindon Borough Council town centre lead Mark Walker at a South Swindon parish meeting, Coun Steve Allsopp asked: “Are we using the CCTV to identify some of these people? I saw some individuals who were doing it quite regularly – and they were not just cycling. They were doing the wheelies and things.

“They’re a danger to anyone who’s not so nimble on their pins. If you do manage to hit somebody the chances of them actually recovering are really quite low.

“I think it’s one thing that does dissuade people who are not so nimble on their pins from going into the centre of town.

“If we can stamp this out - fine one or two and make sure they are made an example of - it might make a safer environment.”

Mark Walker, Swindon Borough Council’s town centre locality lead, said it was important people reported anyone seen breaching the order by calling the council control room on 01793 464703.

“There won’t be an enforcement officer round every corner,” he told councillors. “By making that report it will provide us with a clearer picture of dates, times, locations and recurrences. We get lots of anecdotes, but unless you’re there you don’t see it.

"Most of the town centre has got CCTV coverage.There’s probably over 100 cameras in the town centre. Believe it or not you’re probably watched all the time. We just need to be pointing in the right direction."

Regent Street shoppers backed up Coun Allsopp’s claims, telling the Advertiser there was a real problem with rogue cyclists in the town centre.

Railway Village resident Brian Darville, 75, said he knew of one woman who had been coming out of the shops when she was knocked to the ground: “The cyclists hare up and down. Sometimes there are four or five of them.”

Darren Marks, 51, added: “It’s mainly the younger cyclists whizzing around on their bikes.”