SWINDON: Repeat offender Christopher Desantos was jailed for a total of 44 weeks for thefts he committed while he was on a suspended prison sentence.

Desantos, 30, of Lilac Close, Pinehurst, stole £90-worth of alcohol from Sainsbury’s on January 18 and food valued at £72 from the Co-op on January 14.

He stole jogging bottoms valued at £42 from Foot Asylum on January 25, meat worth more than £60 from the Co-op on February 3, £110 or male grooming kits from Wilkinsons on January 25, air fresheners valued at £34 from the Co-op on January 9, fragrance worth £79 from Debenhams on February 5 and a £179 electric toothbrush from Superdrug on February 4.

He pleaded guilty to the charges when he appeared before Swindon magistrates and was then sentenced again for the two theft offences that led to the suspended sentence being imposed on May 18 last year.

The bench ordered him to pay a £115 victim surcharge.

SWINDON: Christopher Newbold, 24, of Ramsbury Avenue, was give a 12-moth conditional discharge for damaging a woman’s door.

Swindon magistrates heard the incident on August 25 was a domestic violence case.

He admitted the charge and was ordered to pay £85 prosecution costs and another £20 towards victim services.

SWINDON: Elvis Wamuhu, 29, of Moresby Close, Westlea, was banned from driving for a year after he pleaded guilty to drink driving.

The court was told he was in Ferndale Road on September 15 and a breath test revealed a level of 53 mcg in his system when the legal limit is 35.

Wamuhu also admitted driving his Audi A6 without due care.

He was fined a total of £434 and instructed to pay £123 in victim surcharge and court costs.

SWINDON: Matthew Iles, 26, of Twickenham Close was handed a 12-week suspended prison sentence and told to do 80 hours of unpaid work for assaulting a woman.

He admitted the allegation and was instructed to undergo a rehabilitation programme. Swindon magistrates imposed a year-long restraining order banning him from contacting his victim directly or indirectly and preventing him from going to her house.

He was told he must pay her £100 compensation and make a £115 contribution towards victim services as well as £85 court costs.

SWINDON: Liam Phillips, 18, of Dunsford Close was jailed for a total of 32 weeks and instructed to pay more than £500 compensation after he admitted carrying out an assault while he was on a suspended sentence.

Swindon magistrates heard he assaulted a man by beating on July 9 and damaged a body-worn camera belonging to Chandlers Enforcement Agents. He pleaded guilty to both counts.

He was told the offence was so serious because it was an assault on a worker with a weapon and it was aggravated by his previous record of offending.

The suspended sentence imposed on July 6 for going equipped for burglary was activated.

SWINDON: Jack Prendiville, 35, of Shire Court, Kingshill, was sent to prison for 12 weeks for entering Boston Brothers in Bridge Street on November 14 with intent to steal.

He admitted the charge and was told he was being jailed because of his previous record of offending.

SWINDON: Gerard Mir, 42, of Booth House, Spring Close was fined £80 for being drunk and disorderly in College Street on February 7. He admitted the charge and was told to pay £115 in victim surcharge and court costs.

SWINDON: Lewis George, 26, of Deerhurst Way, Toothill, was told he must pay £415 after he was caught drug driving in Acacia Grove on February 10.

Swindon magistrates heard he was at the wheel of a VW Golf and tests showed he had a level of more than twice the 2mcg legal limit of cannabis in his blood.

He had no insurance and no licence.

George admitted all three charges and was banned from the roads for a year with a £300 fine and £115 contribution towards court costs and victim services.