NEWS of the Honda plant closing continued to dominate the conversation around Swindon.

Friends and relatives of employees affected by the decision vented their anger and shared their deep sadness in short messages posted all over social media

Jenny Sumbler said: “This is so sad. My husband has worked there for around 17 years and Monday’s news totally shocked us. My heart goes out to everyone in the same situation as us.”

Allison Standly sympathised and replied: “My daughter too, 13 years there, she’s devastated because she loves her job and the people.”

Jenny added: “It’s a good place to work and I always felt it was like a huge family. Whenever I went on evening parties everybody always made me feel part of that family. I wish your daughter well for the future.”

Bishop Lee Rayfield from Swindon said: "The shock of hearing Honda are closing the plant at Swindon hit me deep in my gut. It was a combination of shock, huge concern for the town and those affected, together with a sense of anger. They are all marks of compassion. Holding these in tension can build hope and a future."

A couple of Twitter-savvy social media users suggested an unlikely solution to the problems caused by the closure.

Dan Smith was one of a handful who tweeted billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Dan said: “3,500 talented and skilled workers due to lose their jobs at Honda in Swindon. Unfortunately I’m one of them. Fancy building your incredible cars here? There’s a big plant available soon.”