TWIGS Community Gardens has added new events and workshops to attract a wider variety of people to the venue.

Cricklade photographer Graham Light of Abbey Studios will host an Introduction to Digital Photography session on April 5, followed by a Garden and Plant Photography workshop on May 18. Half the money made from the sessions will be donated to TWIGS.

Cob builder Kate Evans will run a one-day Cob Pizza Oven course on April 6, teaching people in teams and individually how to make their own oven.

Finally, a Wellbeing and Mindfulness Festival will be held on July 7, a day dedicated to helping the people of Swindon understand how to feel better through interactive workshops, talks and stalls with leading local members of the wellbeing industry. All proceeds will be donated to TWIGS.

These events will run alongside the garden's usual open days and events that the gardens' regular visitors know and enjoy.

A spokeswoman for TWIGS said: "We want to interest people who are just outside this current demographic by creating new and innovative events and workshops that will speak to them and show them that we are a charity first but a multifunctional venue that is on a pathway to becoming self sufficient and stronger than ever. Not just for the people who use our services, but also for the community."

The gardens are a useful resource for people with mental health issues, giving them a chance to regain confidence by learning new skills.

Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite's website or by contacting Tori on 07931297829 or