CYBER criminals could easily hack thousands of businesses using old versions of Window's software, a Swindon tech firm is warning.

Rob O’Gorman, from Liddington-based IT firm Evaporate, has warned certain software will no longer be updated or patched by Microsoft from 2020, leaving businesses vulnerable.

They include Windows 7, Office 2010, Exchange 2010, Small Business Server 2011, and Windows Server 2008.

“Once Microsoft ends the life of certain software in just 12 months, it will be a shining beacon for hackers,” said Rob.

“We believe some hackers are already storing up vulnerabilities they’ve found in the software. When Microsoft stops supporting it, they’ll effectively be unstoppable.”

Rob says The 2020 Problem represents a GDPR issue that can cost businesses thousands, in addition to downtime and loss of revenues.

"Companies may already be experiencing a taste of things to come. Some businesses are finding that their computers are taking longer to wake up when they’re turned on," he added.

The company has created a free guide for businesses which can be downloaded from