IT’S been a bit sunny so I’m feeling too cheerful to be grumpy and misanthropic about current events.

Instead, I offer one of those quirky little quizzes you sometimes see, and I hope you enjoy it.

All you have to do is read the following scenarios and guess the odd one out.

1.) You work in a bookshop. A sign above the door says: “Bookshop.” A person comes into your bookshop and asks for a copy of a book. Let’s not concern ourselves with the title as it doesn’t really matter. You go to the stock room, return with a package and tell them it contains their book.

When the customer unwraps the package later, they discover not a book but something else entirely. A bowl of lentil soup with cling film over the top, perhaps, or a dead axolotl. Or a pair of underpants which has seen better days.

2.) You are a vicar in the Church of England. On a sign outside the church, you advertise things like your sermons, Sunday School, Choral Evensong and so on.

Your congregation is surprised to say the least when they turn up one Sunday to find that you’ve converted to theistic Satanism, the walls have been painted black and decorated with inverted pentagrams, you’ve laid in a stock of candles made from the flesh of the unbaptised, the flower-arranging committee are cavorting in the altogether up and down the nave and you’re looming over a worried-looking goat with a great big sword in your hand.

3.) You have an animal sanctuary which rehomes assorted creatures with new owners. A family comes in and says they’ve seen a kitten called Mister Fluffikins on your website which they’d love to adopt. You allow them to meet Mister Fluffikins and agree to bring Mister Fluffikins on a visit to make sure their home is suitable.

On reaching their house that evening, you follow them into the living room. You open your unusually large cat carrier to reveal not Mister Fluffikins the kitten but Reginald the reticulated python, who is 22 feet long, hasn’t had his tea and immediately begins eyeing the smaller members of the terrified family appraisingly.

4.) You run a chemist’s shop. A customer comes in, having been prescribed a soothing cream for an especially painful and rather embarrassing medical condition which afflicts a very sensitive part of their anatomy indeed.

You promise to follow their prescription to the letter.

You then hand them an unmarked tube which turns out to contain not soothing ointment but a combination of caustic soda, poison ivy, giant hogweed sap and ground glass.

5.) You run a video game emporium. A brilliant new game, the latest instalment in one of the world’s most popular franchises, is about to be released, and customers enthusiastically pre-order it. You take their cash and on the day of the game’s release you hand out cases bearing the name of the game but actually containing another game entirely. It is called Sitting in a Darkened Room Simulator 1993.

6.) You are a Member of Parliament. It doesn’t matter which party you belong to, but you wore that party’s rosette proudly as you campaigned before a General Election.

You proclaimed yourself a staunch member of that party and said its values are your values, and people should give you their vote on that basis. Now you announce that you are no longer a member of that party.

So, who is the odd one out?

If you guessed that the politician would be the odd one out, well done.

Everybody else in these scenarios could expect to be out of a job immediately or almost immediately, while the politician would get to spend the time from now until the next General Election drawing their 77 grand salary.