Singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti's grandfather was head of a partisan movement during the war that freed Genoa from fascism.

His grandparents had hid in the Italian mountains during the second world war as part of the resistance group. A street in Genoa was named in memory of him.

Jack's Italian roots mean a lot to him and his latest album, Singing To Strangers, reflects this. The video to accompany the single Candlelit, taken from the album, was shot in Rome at the Cinecitta film studios.

“I really wanted to thank Rome and Italy for inspiring this album with all the amazing cinema and music that I was brought up on,” Jack said. “It's somewhat of a homage to Italian culture and to my father and my fathers' father. It’s important to remember and celebrate our roots.''

The album was recorded in studios owned by Ennio Morricone in Rome.

“Luckily Morricone's studio is in the basement of this huge church, so it was cooler and the atmosphere in there was essential when recording Candlelight,'' said Jack.

He will be singing to strangers when he comes to the Westonbirt Arboretum in Tetbury this summer as part of the Forest Live series.

Trees inspired the young Jack to write poetry, but it was his mum who gave him a guitar and suggested he set his words to music.

"I would sit under a tree with a notebook. I was in the clouds, but then I was surprised how much more people listen to you when you are singing, than if you read a poem, and after that I couldn't stop,'' he said.

Jack has recorded five other albums and had two tracks from his first album, Between The Minds, featured on the hit TV series, One Tree Hill. He wrote the song, Fine Day, that was sung in the American film Post Grad.

His TV appearances included singing alongside Kylie Minogue on the Jonathan Ross and Michael Mcintyre shows with their track Music's Too Sad Without You.

Jack will be at the Westonbirt Arboretum on Saturday, June 15 and tickets are £38.50 from 03000 680400 - Flicky Harrison