WHEN terminally ill Mandy Smith told her sister her dying wish was to have her name placed at the top of Africa's highest mountain Kathy knew she had to act.

So along with her husband Tommy, the Mckees took on the challenge of reaching the 19,340ft summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

It took them six days to complete and on the final day they woke up at 2am to make sure that they saw the rise at the summit and left a card with Mandy's name on it.

Mandy was diagnosed with cancer in October and died this week.

Kathy, of Whitworth Road in Pinehurst, said: “No matter what we had to reach the top of the mountain, my sister told us that we had to get to the top for her.

"It was one of the most challenging experiences I have ever faced and when I felt like giving up it was my husband who kept reminding me of Mandy’s wish and that gave me the motivation and strength to keep on going.”

The couple found the challenge extremely difficult as they were not able to complete the intensive training that is needed to be done before taking part in the extreme adventure - this was due to working around Mandy’s diagnosis.

Kathy added: “I love my sister to the moon and back, so anything I can do to help her I will.

“This will forever be one of my greatest achievements and one that I will hold close to my heart, this was for you sis.”

All of the funds raised will be donated to the Prospect Hospice where Mandy was cared for - they also hope to raise awareness of the wonderful work done at the hospice.

So far they have had donations of nearly £700, but at first they had only hoped to achieve hitting their target of £150 due to the timing of the unexpected diagnosis.

The couple had scheduled to spend three weeks on the continent but decided to fly home early to surprise Mandy on Valentine's Day, it has been a difficult month for her with the illness starting to take control.

To donate go to: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Kathy-Mckee