A DIGITAL marketing and search engine optimisation firm is expanding its team after overall revenue rose by 100 per cent last year.

Smarter Media, based out of Crowood House in Swindon, which runs social media campaigns and creates strategic digital content, has grown steadily since being founded seven years ago.

CEO Karl Paul said: “2019 is looking good. We’ve had a strong beginning and signed five or six new clients in one week alone. We’ve also just launched our new version of our sales funnel, the previous version of which provided most of our growth last year, and this is a step up so I’m confident it will deliver double the return at least. Our plan is to go out and build up a client base locally.

Joining the team are business development manager Nataley Fryer and finance director Martin Baker.

Nataley, 36, and a mum-of-three, said: “In today’s cluttered market, businesses are often faced with too many options to consider in order to make their business stand out. Everyone at Smarter Media shares the same vision to really understand a business’ digital needs.

“To be able to advise and implement a strategy that delivers results and being part of this team is a culture I am passionate about working in.”

Financial director Martin, 51, Swindon born and bred, joined the team after working as an accountant since 1992 for major firms, including Allied Dunbar, Burmah Castrol and BP.

He said: “I met Karl through networking and this job was a great fit for me and in an area that interests me. I like Karl’s attitude to work and his ethics. He has a lot of integrity and looks after people well – he wants to do business the right way and that appeals to me.”

Since the company's stratospheric rise it is looking ahead to do more work in the community.

Karl added: “One of the things we’re very keen on is the more profit we bring into the business the more we can support the local community.

"We support a lot of charities and are extremely keen on giving something back. Last year we supported organisations like the Younite Foundation, Threshold Housing and the Horseshoe Gym."