Residents are celebrating the arrival of a fox sculpture on a once “boring” roundabout after a 10-year wait.

Highworth Community Partnership Group’s (HCPG) plans to revamp the Fox roundabout in the town first came to light a decade ago but have since been hit by delays.

But now the eagerly-awaited sculpture, created by Pete Pullon, has been installed.

Keith Smith, chair of HCPG, explained: “In 2008 we launched the community plan, Vision for Highworth. It was highly praised by residents and the council.

“We asked people what they wanted to see improved in the town and one of the main things was the Fox roundabout, which if I’m honest was one of the worst roundabouts in the area. It was boring.

“So we decided to put a sculpture in but this proved to be a problem as it went against planning regulations and meant the chevrons would have to be lowered.

He added: “Discussion went on for a while before Highworth Parish Council were then left with the responsibility of the roundabout – that was in 2013.

“A few years passed and nothing happened so we inquired and the council gave it back to us.

“Luckily we managed to get agreement that the chevrons could be lowered and so that people could see the sculpture.

“We were then very lucky to find Pete Pullon, who was recommend by us by Wetpaint Gallery, to create our project.

“All of this wouldn’t have been possible without his fantastic design.

“Also thanks to Murford Quarry, who provided the pillar for the piece, which is made out of Cotswold stone and delivered it free of charge.

“We originally thought this project would be a ‘quick fix’ in improving the town but I’m glad we finally got there after all these years.”

Mr Pullon said he loved designing the mild steel sculpture, adding: “It’s been great fun creating the fox and I’m happy that the residents love it.”