Red herrings abound in a typically British murder mystery, written by character actor and playwright Derek Benfield.

Zena Howarth and Adrian Pearce are taking the directors' chairs in Derek's Murder For The Asking, running at the Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Old Town, Swindon, this week.

Seven of the Western Players will be taking part in the gripping, suspense drama. Henry Scrubb is played by Simon Crutchley, Dora Scrubb by Karen Evans, Janet Gregory by Ruth Davies, James Franklyn by Robert Elrick, Pender by Tony Manders, Rita Franklyn by Shirley Dodson and Detective Sergeant Thatcher is undertaken by Chris Hall.

Along with his writing, Derek acted in the television drama called The Brothers from 1972-76, and the popular Hetty Wainthropp Investigates.

Anne Harvey from the Wester Players said: "The story, is based around Henry Scrubb, who answers a newspaper's box number, in relation to a job, offering a big financial reward. Expecting very little response, he is surprised to be contacted, and even more surprised when he finds out what it entails. Despite the large amount of money on offer to him, Scrubb decided he wanted nothing to do with this bizarre request, and walks away. The following morning, however, things take a dramatic turn when Scrubb receives some extremely disturbing news.''

Murder For The Asking runs from Wednesday, March 13 to Saturday, March 16 at 7.30pm nightly. Tickets are available from or call 07575711522