March 14 is National Potato Chip Day so we asked you where in Swindon could we find the best chips and you responded in your hundreds. Here are the top five:

1 Shelly Kenyon says Phillips in Gorsehill have amazing chips and Claire Whyte agrees as does Steph Owen, Jade Turner, Mandy Mundy Doyle, Dan Clee, Kimberley Greenaway, Frances Phillips, Sarah Phillips, Maggie Lowe and Andrew Wright. Graham Mcquarrie says they even do football specials such as sausage and chips. William Hawkins says fresh fish cooked to order, perfect customer service, perfect chips, and it’s English what more can you ask for?

2 Anna Spooner says it has to be County Fayre in York Road, if you are out buying ... and Cheryl Leach says she won’t go anywhere else. Carrie Woollatt adds her vote for County Fayre and so does Mohammed Amawi, Sasha Mcgailey. Elvira Svitina-Sutton says they are the best fish and chips!!! Bobbi Newman says York Road for sure. Karen Curtin says they have the best batter. Tracey Archer says Defo. They are the best! David King says York Road by a mile!!

3 Nikki Scotford says that for her it is Pinehurst Fisheries at the circle. Richard Bird and Emma Darrall also go for Pinehurst Fisheries.

4 Samantha Miles plumps for Greenmeadow chippy in Thames Avenue. She says they are the best and Lorna Smith says no other comes close! Simon Bedwell says I happily travel the 15/20 minutes to go there!

5 Franca Fucito gives the thumbs up for Super Fry in Bridge Street, Swindon town centre. Andy Robins says it is the best chippy without a doubt, Charley Bankes says Superfry all the way! And Rosanna Fucito-Cocca, Caterina Vitale, Elizabeth Butcher all agree.

39 Cricklade Rd, Swindon

01793 485878