Swindon Striders, road and trail running club, based in Swindon, have organised runs on Mondays from the Oasis Leisure Centre in North Star and Fridays from the LINK Centre in West Swindon. Here is one of the more popular runs:



Start at the Oasis Leisure Centre car park.

Head to Ferndale Road

Proceed onto Cheney Manor Road

Right on to Bailey's Corner and continue through Cheney Manor Industrial Estate

Turn left on to Akers Way

Continue on to Purton Road, then Westfield Way

Turn right on to Snowdrop Close, then Cornflower Road

Left on to Haydonleigh Drive

Right on to Haydon Court Drive through to Haydon Court and on to Thames Avenue

Left on to Whitworth Road

Right on to Pinehurst Road

Through Pinehurst Circle picking up Pinehurst Road

Continue along St Mary's Grove

Right on to Ferndale Road

Continue on to North Star Avenue and back to the Oasis.

Swindon Striders

  • Weekly club runs of the Swindon Striders are on a Monday from the Oasis at North Star and the other on a Friday from the Link Centre in West Swindon.
  • Meet from 6.45pm, which allows for route checking and chitchat before heading out in pace-based groups at 7pm, 7.05pm and 7.10pm. Club night routes vary in distance from five to eight miles - always with a short cut option.
  • “We encourage all Striders on the six to eight mile runs. They usually take from one hour to one and a half hours, but no-one is every left alone.
  • “Everyone can run at their own pace and there is always a back pacer,’’ said Mark Jones, secretary of the Swindon Striders.
  • Visit http://swindonstriders95.wixsite.com/swindonstriders
  • or https://www.facebook.com/groups/344624585714562/ for more information about the group.