A BREXITEER Wiltshire MP has u-turned to back the failed Brexit bill last night.

James Gray, MP for North Wiltshire, joined around 40 Tory MPs in backing the Prime Minister's deal which still lost by 149 votes last night.

In January he was among the 118 Conservative MPs to vote against the deal calling for a full removal of the Irish backstop arrangement, designed to prevent border checks with Ireland, calling it 'obnoxious'.

Speaking on January 10 he added: "Even then, I would be a bit reluctant, as there are, in the analysis of the Spectator, 40 fatal flaws in the deal, for which we are paying out £39 billion.”

In late night talks on Monday in Strasbourg, the Prime Minister obtained what she said were legal assurances from the EU to ensure the backstop would remain temporary until a better outcome could be found after March 29.

However attorney general Geoffrey Cox warned yesterday before the vote that the legal risks "remained unchanged".

MPs will vote today on whether to rule out a no-deal Brexit on March 29, before a second vote tomorrow on extending the Article 50 process beyond the deadline.